Cortica Living Wall System, Cork Living Wall with Tropical Plants

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to finding the right living wall system for your environment. With over a decade of experience working with all types of living wall systems, we have found at Vertical Garden Solutions that the Cortica Garden living wall system has been exceptionally reliable, easy to install and sustainable.

The Many Benefits of Cork for Living Walls

Cork is an all natural material that comes from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree that makes for an ideal living wall structure material for many reasons. Cork is naturally water and gas resistant, which makes it super lightweight, repelling any moisture or water from plants but able to be durable enough to hold the plants in place. It not only contains the roots and water but keeps it from getting contaminated from any molds or fungus. Cork is also temperature resistant making it ideal for temperature control as well as providing sound insulation.

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Going Green & Even Greener!

Having a vertical garden full of plants in any living space is great for purifying the air of toxins. Cork is also known to absorb and purify harmful CO2’s which adds to the benefits of having a living wall. Having a living wall or vertical garden full of plants and cork can also help regulate temperature and absorb sound. Studies have also shown that having plants around in a work space can increase productivity by up to 20%. Cortica Garden living wall systems are also eco friendly, sustainable and use recycled materials making it even a better reason to utilize this system.

Benefits of Plants & Beyond

Plants alone provide so many benefits to have in a living environment. Studies have shown that plants can help with stress response, healing for the body, and even can reduce crime in areas where there are more parks and trees instead of vacant lots or abandoned buildings. Combining the benefits of plants with Cortica Garden natural oak cork living wall systems can create the ideal environment, while maximizing the amount of plant benefits that can be provided in a space efficient and beautiful way. Our vertical gardens made with Cortica Garden living walls can be a way to transform a space with healthy benefits while providing visual aesthetics to all types of atmospheres.