Privacy Living Wall with Succulents. Vertical Garden Solutions provided custom shaped living walls to clients in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Do you have an idea for a living wall that is a unique shape?

We’d love to create the living wall of your dreams with endless possibilities of style, shape, or look that you desire. Living walls can be suitable for all types of environments, and we specialize in creating the perfect type of vertical garden that best suits the needs of any client's vision. Creating the perfect wall consists of taking into account optimal functionality in the given space and the client's personal aesthetic preference in order to inform the design approach.

Living Wall Systems and Materials

Whether it be for exterior or interior, a garden statement piece, or a serene backdrop, living walls can be stylized in many different ways. When it comes to putting together the ideal components, several things are imperative to consider, such as plant material. Is there a lot of sun exposure or is it in the shade? This can determine the style of the living wall and whether or not it is composed of succulents or tropical plants, for example. Vertical garden color combinations, textures, and the inclusion of other natural elements such as wood and lighting can all inform the composition of the design. These are key factors that are taken into consideration during the design and technical planning processes in order to create the best type of living wall for the space.

The Form of the Living Wall Follows Function

There are endless possibilities when it comes to different shapes and plant material combinations, but what matters most is the correct combination to ensure the health, longevity, and vibrant appearance of the plants and living wall system. The shape of the living wall matching our clients’ vision is the main priority as we ensure through thorough communication with them and key members of the team that all components will work harmoniously before going into production. Having a detailed fabrication and installation plan for the vertical garden ensures a seamless installation that best meets the expectations of our clients.

Enhance your surroundings with a living work of art.

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