5 Reasons Why Living Walls are Good for Your Health

In an increasingly health-conscious society, many people are often looking for the “next best thing” when it comes to curing ailments, reducing stress, and improving mood. The solution, however, might not be a magic pill or a futuristic treatment. In fact, the secret to feeling better just might be the simplest solution of all: nature.

Countless studies have demonstrated the positive effects that plants and nature have on our health. One study found that “subjects felt more comfortable, soothed, and natural” after working with plants when compared to working with a computer. Other studies have found that plants can improve our moods and even help us think better.

As easy as it sounds, it’s not always possible for us to drop everything and head outdoors when we’re feeling blue. Many people are bound to a desk or office building for the majority of their day, and can’t reap the benefits of being surrounded by nature. The solution? Bring nature indoors with a living wall.

Living walls and other natural elements can provide benefits that are similar to spending time outside. Here are some of the ways plants — like the ones found in living walls — can benefit your health.

1. Living walls can reduce stress.

It’s been proven that spending time in nature increases people’s feelings of energy and has an overall positive effect on their mental health. According to Texas A&M, “people who spend time outside every day are less likely to be depressed or stressed, and thus have fewer burdens on their mental health.”

2. Living walls can improve air quality.

Indoor air pollution can be a serious threat to your health, accounting for a 34% increase in strokes and a 26% increase in heart disease. Living walls can help filter out some of those harmful pollutants, from carbon dioxide to toxic VOCs.

3. Living walls can increase recovery time.

Texas A&M revealed that “the presence of plants in recovery rooms greatly reduces the time necessary to heal. The soothing effects of ornamental flowers and plants are so great that simply having daily views of flowers and other ornamental plants in landscaped areas outside patient recovery room significantly speed up recovery time.”

4. Living walls can improve your mood.

Offices are notorious for having poor access to sunlight and no access to nature, so it’s no surprise that workers with plants are less likely to worry and more likely to feel better about their jobs and take fewer sick days.

5. Living walls can enhance your concentration.

Living walls have a calming effect, which can help improve concentration and boost productivity. Some studies have found that tasks performed in the presence of calming natural elements are executed with greater accuracy. Attention span and memory performance also showed improvement by up to 20%.

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