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The more unique the concept, the greater the challenge!

Whether you see great design as being original, provocative, expressive, or even indulgent, we know great design always fulfills a purpose. Our Green Wall design designers specialize in selecting plants, containers, and accessories to fit the space, lighting, and ambiance of each unique space to create stunning interior and exterior vertical living walls that stand the test of time.

We value design and recognize how a great designer can bring any space to life. We’ve learned that, between your creative ideas and our Vertical Garden Solutions, the possibilities for Green Walls are unlimited. No matter where you are in the design-build process of your Green Wall, we’re there to work with you. Please include us in your next project – we love doing this work!

Below are some resources that we hope you will find useful.

Living Walls, Green Walls, Moss Art, Moss Logo design ideas and ispiration

Moss Art for Office Reception Area

Moss Sign Logo for Trade Show Green Wall Rental

Green Wall Backdrop

Moss Frame Triptych

Stunning Succulent Living Wall Design


Stunning 15’ x 7’, Living Wall

Succulent Living Wall

Outdoor Succulent Living Wall

GoSite – Moss Logo

Succulent Vertical Wall

True-Vert Brochure

Our 22 pages Living Wall Design Brochure will provide you with more in-depth information, about our services, Living Wall technical information and inspiration for your next project.

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