Businesses – Prove Your Green Credentials with a Living Green Design Logo!

These days, many businesses have recognized that the key to success isn’t to try to appeal to as many people as possible. Rather, they understand the power of building a targeted and highly passionate tribe. Companies like Starbucks, REI, and Patagonia aren’t afraid to weigh in on social issues and proudly state what they support. In response, their loyal fans love them. If a key component of your company’s identity is about environmental protection, then it’s time to go all-in on that messaging. One great way to evoke this message is to commission a green design company logo.

What Is a Green Design Logo?

A green design logo is a rendition of your company’s logo in either living plants or in preserved moss. An experienced green design firm, like TrueVert Vertical, can work closely with you to determine what type of plants or colored mosses would work best for your needs.

The result will be your company logo (or your company name) in a vibrant green medium that can wordlessly express your commitment to conservation and environmental stewardship, all-natural ingredients, or any naturalistic message.

Why a Green Design Logo Matters

Your company’s logo defines who you are. Iconic logos like Nike’s swoosh or the Apple icon can turn into badges of fealty that customers proudly wear on their clothes or slap onto their car windows. For this reason, your company’s logo is one of your most powerful assets.

Make sure that your logo makes an instant statement to all those who see it. By choosing a green design logo, you will support your company’s nature-focused mission in a beautiful way and reassure your customers that they can trust your green bonafides.

How to Use a Green Design Logo

There are many different ways you can design and ultimately utilize your green design logo. The most popular option is to create a green design logo for your company headquarters. It can be placed on the outside of your building or in an interior room, perhaps in the entrance or reception area.

That’s not all. A green design logo is an excellent idea of a tradeshow booth or expo showcase. You can put them in satellite offices, retail stores, or add it to the design of any major event you throw.

Interested in making a statement with a green design logo? If your company is located in San Diego, Orange County, or Los Angeles, give TrueVert Vertical Garden Solutions a call today!

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