Have an idea for a vertical garden but are unsure how to bring it to life?

We offer creative design services which include digital rendering mock-ups, schematics, and plant selection. Our vertical garden consultant and living wall designer will show you different options that work best for your space while also ensuring the design brings your vision to life. With a clear vision of the living wall you are looking to create, we provide a proposal based on your desired budget.

Our design service is broken down into three phases: Consultation and Quote, Design, and Digital Renderings.

Our Design Process

Outdoor backyard area before living wall installation.

Phase 1: Consultation and Quote

During the initial consultation phase, our team and the client engage in discussions to understand the client's requirements, preferences, and goals for the living wall. This phase involves the following steps:

  1. Client Requirements: Our team meets with the client to gather information about their desired aesthetic, functional needs, budget, site conditions, and any specific plant preferences. This information helps in understanding the project's scope.
  2. Site Analysis: We visit the site to assess the environmental conditions, such as light exposure, temperature, humidity, and wind. We also evaluate the structural integrity of the wall to ensure it can support the weight and maintenance requirements of a living wall.
  3. Concept Development: Based on the client's requirements and site analysis, the design team develops a preliminary concept for the living wall. This concept may include considerations for plant selection, irrigation systems and methods, and lighting.
  4. Quote Preparation: Once the concept is established, the design team prepares a detailed quote that outlines the estimated costs involved in the design, delivery and installation, and optional maintenance plan for the living wall. This quote includes materials, labor, equipment, and ongoing maintenance expenses.

Phase 2: Design

The design phase focuses on translating the initial concept into a comprehensive design plan that considers both aesthetic appeal and technical feasibility. This phase typically involves the following steps:

  1. Detailed Design Plan: A detailed plan for the living wall is created based on the objectives of the design; including precise measurements, plant layout, irrigation system design, drainage solutions, and structural support requirements. This plan ensures that the living wall is visually appealing, functional, and sustainable.
  2. Material Selection: Once a design direction is established, appropriate materials for the living wall, such as modular panels, growing medium, and irrigation components are finalized. Factors like durability, sustainability, and compatibility with the chosen plants are taken into account.
  3. Plant Selection and Integration: Based on the client's preferences, suitable plant species are selected that will thrive in the given environmental conditions and meet the aesthetic goals. Considerations may include color, texture, growth patterns, maintenance requirements, and the overall desired effect.
Outdoor privacy living wall guitar design perspective digital render.

Phase 3: Digital Renderings

The digital renderings phase focuses on creating visual representations of the design plan, allowing the client to visualize the living wall before its actual construction. This phase typically involves the following steps:

  1. Digital Rendering: We utilize specialized software to create a detailed rendering of the living wall. This model incorporates the design plan, plant selection, materials, and environmental elements, providing a realistic representation of the final outcome.
  2. Visualization and Perspective Rendering: Using the model, the design team generates high-quality visual renderings of the living wall from different angles and perspectives. These renderings showcase the proposed design, plant arrangement, colors, and textures, helping the client better understand the aesthetics and impact of the living wall.
  3. Iterative Process: The client reviews the digital renderings and provides feedback to the design team. Based on this feedback, adjustments and refinements may be made to the design plan and renderings to ensure alignment with the client's vision and requirements. Please note that additional charges may occur if the client requires more than 3 design iterations.

Customized Design for Every Space

Partner with us for a living wall that blends aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability seamlessly. Benefit from our comprehensive design and rendering process, included with every living wall purchase.

Our design services are tailored to suit your unique requirements. Let's work together to craft the perfect living wall that complements your budget and environmental considerations. Take the first step towards a breathtaking living wall - reach out to us today!

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