Give your home interior a unique look with Artistic Moss Walls

Are the walls in your home looking a bit boring? Do you need to fill a space but can’t seem to find the right piece of wall art or décor to make it work? For those looking for something a little more unique that will surely be the focal point of any room, a decorative moss wall can add that extra element of taste to any style décor.

Preserved moss and plants, having undergone a conservation and stabilization process, have been designed as live walls to provide interior lush environments without the upkeep of live plants. They do not require water, specific light, trimming or pruning, and because there is no soil, there is no need to worry about infestations. These moss walls will last a long time, giving you maintenance-free nature in your home. Because each piece is unique, a homeowner can really bring nature indoors, creating a fresh, green environment.

There are a variety of types of preserved moss to choose from, in a range of different colors, textures and densities. These walls can change the look of any space by either adding accent pieces or filling in the entire wall. Design options are limitless from organic to abstract and your moss walls can be designed with or without a frame.

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