Green Wall Solutions

Suitable for almost any circumstance, Green Wall Solutions have totally changed the concept of greenery to be limited in just gardens and are becoming a rising new trend of green built environments in recent years.


Green walls are basically vertical structures affixed to a structural frame system that can support a great diversity of plant species, including a mixture of ferns, low shrubs, perennial flowers, succulents and edible plants. Green walls perform well in full sun, shade, and interior applications, but can be installed indoor as well.

Green Walls can also be freestanding structures, such as green columns made of rigid panels and can be placed on where space is limited or weight is restricted. The panels can also be used for temporary locations, such as trade shows, weddings and public events. Here are some other ideas


You cannot find greenery in every season all around you, but Green Walls are providing the opportunity to have refreshing and energizing surroundings throughout the year.

Green wall puts a very positive and vitalizing impact of any working environment, in a similar way nature helps decreasing anxiety and depression as per medical science. Green Walls can help bringing up our mood as to see them at the places where we do not expect them to be.


Green Walls contain little if any soil, making irrigation an essential part of caring for the plants. The small amount of soil means it can’t hold a lot of water, so irrigation is necessary. An irrigation system is usually installed at the top of the wall to drip water down the wall and collect it in a trough at the bottom. The alternative is to hand water the Green Wall with a hose or watering can. The specific amount of water necessary depends on the requirements of the specific plants used. Irrigation systems need periodic inspections to the system and sprinklers are working correctly.

For more information about Green Wall Solutions our enthusiastic team of professionals at True Vert is always here to help.

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