Industry News: See What’s Happening in Nature & Our Environment

What’s new in the world of green design, sustainability, and the environment? We’re so glad you asked. These days, Mother Nature is consistently making headlines—and they’re certainly worth paying attention to. From living walls that lift moods in urban areas to the effects of global warming on our environment, there’s no shortage of information and articles about what’s going on in the natural world.    

At True Vert, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest industry news, including sustainable practices, eco-friendly design, plant benefits, and more. By staying current, we’re able to deliver the very best service and the most innovative, high-quality materials when it comes to crafting your vertical garden.   

This month, we’ve rounded up a few trending topics that made the news. Read on to find out what you need to know. 

Living walls are lifting our moods and tackling pollution around the world.  

For city-dwellers, can be challenging to make time to visit parks for exercise and relaxation. 

Walls covered in plants and shrubs (i.e. living walls) could potentially offer a bridge between an urbanized environment and green space.   

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How nature-positive policies improve both the economy and the environment. 

According to a study cited by the World Economic Forum (WEF), nature-positive solutions can create an estimated 395 million jobs by 2030, along with $10.1 trillion in annual business value. This could greatly benefit many businesses across industries who’ve taken a substantial hit during COVID-19. 

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Northern California Fires Continue to Rage On 

As two massive blazes consumed large expanses of the state, California will soon reach a record four million acres burned in a single year. The fires so far have forced tens of thousands of residents to evacuate their homes, along with threatening the restaurants and wineries in the state’s northern wine country. 

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Tree rings reveal insightful information about arctic pollution. 

The largest-ever study of tree rings from Norilsk in the Russian Arctic has shown that the direct and indirect effects of industrial pollution in the region and beyond are far worse than previously thought. 

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Drones may one day help with plant pollination.  

Drones that blow pollen-laden bubbles onto blossoms could someday help farmers pollinate their crops, supplementing and/or replacing the reliance on bees and other pollinating insects that are dwindling worldwide as a result of climate change, pesticide use, and other factors.  

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Nature is healing after quarantines and stay-at-home orders during COVID-19. 

Recent reports reveal that things are looking up for the environment. The decrease in human activity, travel, and time outdoors during the global pandemic has allowed nature to heal, resulting in clearer waters in Venice, less air pollution in China, and countless other instances of the environment’s recovery during coronavirus.  

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Image by: Red Squirrel Architects


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