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Succulent Living Wall for my house

I hired TrueVert, Vertical Garden Solution to build a Living Wall at my house last summer. I have kitchen window that looked over a fence and I hated the way, the fence was the first thing you saw when walking into the kitchen. Anyhow, when I discovered living walls, I knew exactly that was the way I wanted to hide the ugly fence on the side of my house. I was very impressed by the professional but friendly approach of Georges and his team. They provided few design option for me and after I approved, they came and installed the Succulent Living wall only within a week of my final approval. I am madly in love with this Living Wall I never get tired of looking out my side kitchen window. I get many compliments too. Thank You for this beautiful piece of Art. --- Claudia
- Claudia Bolognesi


We absolutely love the product, service and install process! Great company and beautiful green moss wall!
- Alex

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