Living Wall Benefits

The concept of Living Walls is almost a decade old and yet Living Wall Benefits and beauty are still unknown to many.

A vertical living wall can draw anyone’s attention to the breathtaking view it provides with its uniqueness and the comfort it adds to the atmosphere. Some of the  living wall benefits include removal of toxins from the air and dampening of the interior noise level, thereby improving environment quality. In fact, a Living Wall is capable of completely transforming the ambiance of a place since it cleans and purifies the air especially in the commercial/urban areas. It also reduces the heat levels in urban localities.

A common Living Wall benefits it to act as a barrier, preventing heat from entering the indoor and making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. This radiation-blocking feature helps in increasing the energy efficiency by decreasing the load on air conditioning systems in summers. During winters, the Living Walls act an in insulator, keeping the heat trapped inside which eventually eases off pressure on the heating systems. This helps in improving the overall sustainability of the city by providing a healthier and cleaner environment through less carbon emissions.

Generally Living Walls include use of annual plants for vibrant patterns to herbs, succulents, and vegetables. Sometimes, preserved moss can be incorporated as a complementary green element into the Living Wall Design.

Living Wall Benefits

Our team at TrueVert is pro at creating the best suitable vertical garden living walls. Our work scope covers everything from residential to large scale commercial projects including the corporate sector, restaurants, exhibitions etc. Our team has worked on some of the most innovative and advanced projects and have the hands-on experience to transform your space effectively into a healthier and greener environment.

We ensure full attention and care of your project in order to provide you with your desired results. Please do not hesitated to contact us if you have any questions, or connect with us on FaceBook and Houzz.

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