An Inside Look at Living Wall Construction

Living Wall Construction

From the small scale of indoor moss artwork to extra-large exterior walls, there’s no denying that vertical gardens captivate regardless of their shape or size. But have you ever wondered what, exactly, goes into creating a vertical garden?

Living wall construction can be relatively simple or quite complex, depending on the size, location, and materials used. Here’s what to expect when utilizing a professional, experienced service provider to create a thriving vertical garden that will last for years to come.

Living Wall Construction in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Location, Location, Location

The first step in living wall construction is determining where you want your vertical garden to go. Lighting, space, environment, and decor style will dictate what plants and materials are used, what size will work for the location and what irrigation system will work best.

  1. Design It Out

Once the location details are confirmed, it’s time to create a design. Through the use of vision boards, blueprints, or even 3D scale modeling, every detail will be planned out accordingly in this phase. This is also when plant selection for your vertical garden takes place. Depending on the environment and aesthetics, you can typically choose from a variety of tropical plants, succulents and desert plants or preserved moss.

  1. Planning & Production

During this step of the living wall construction process, everything starts to come together. The greenery is planted, the framing is constructed, and finishing touches are made on the artistic elements.

  1. Delivery & Installation

After production is complete, your living wall will be delivered by a team of professional installers. They are responsible for installing the vertical garden, hooking up the irrigation system, and making sure that every last detail is as it should be.

  1. Enjoy!

Now that your living wall construction is complete, it’s time to enjoy all of the benefits your vertical garden has to offer. From decreasing stress in the workplace to improving air quality, these one-of-a-kind installations bring beauty and practicality to every space they occupy.

A Few Last Things to Consider

When it comes to living wall construction, not all companies are created equal. Here are a few final things to take note of before beginning the process:

  • Think about budget. Living walls are an investment and they cost money to maintain. At True Vert, we’ll work with you to stay within that budget.
  • Do your research. Make sure your service provider is experienced and professional. Our team members at True Vert are experts in what they do, from design and production to installation and maintenance.
  • Consider customer service. Does your service provider offer continuous support even after the installation process? We take great pride in providing excellent customer service along every step of the way, even after construction is complete.

Ready for a vertical garden that’s all your own? If you’re located in Southern California, contact True Vert today to begin the living wall construction process.


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