Living Wall: Effortless, near nature’s power

By definition, nature never reveals its tricks. This is a good analogy that often describes Living Walls, because the audience must never suspect the work or the thinking that has gone into them.

A retaining patio wall visible from their newly remodeled home was the last thing the owners of this Los Angeles, Westwood high-end residence wanted to stare every day from their living area.

Generally, enclosed patios can be difficult to dress up, and the most common challenges are the lack on natural light and no soil at their base.

Due to the limited space of their outdoor patio, the client wanted to make sure that their new Living Wall, was not only beautiful but that also wasn’t going to reduce livable area of this already small space.

As always, here at TrueVert, we were ready for the challenge. With the application of a shallow potting system we were not only able to optimize the space but we were also able to extend the wall, top to bottom, and ultimately create an absolutely beautiful thriving Living Wall made of nearly 400 house plants.

But what really made this wall possible was our latest and most innovative Living Wall system. Perfectly suited for residential projects and consisting of modular Live-Panels, not soil-bound with exchangeable plant cassettes.

Each row of cassettes is placed in an aluminum duct profile which also serves as a water reservoir. The plants in the cassettes are automatically watered by a capillary irrigation system operated by wall sensors. It requires little maintenance, is leak-free and is not susceptible to breakdowns. Once disassembled, the Living Wall can be fully recycled.

As a final touch and to elevate this already beautiful Residential Living Wall even more, we incorporated a water fountain for an enchanting and magical ambiance.

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