How a Living Wall Installation Can Totally Transform Your Retail Space

In today’s digital world, brick-and-mortar stores face a slew of unique challenges brought on by the free shipping, product accessibility, and user-friendly appeal of ecommerce sites. In fact, USB reports that by 2026, over 75,000 retail stores will close as online retailers increasingly penetrate the market share.

So where does that leave stores looking to hold onto their physical presence? As it turns out, many retailers — especially the successful ones — are turning to immersive, in-store experiences that attract customers to their location while setting themselves apart from the competition. Some businesses are adding coffee bars and lounges in an effort to encourage customers to hang out, while others are integrating the latest technology into fitting rooms and at checkout.

Another way retailers can raise the bar is by adding bespoke elements to their in-store decor.  Now more than ever, standing out from the crowd can give stores the competitive edge they need to succeed. Adding customized pieces, such as a living wall installation, can highlight a business’s brand and core values while also offering shoppers a unique, one-of-a-kind in-store attraction.

Want to know more? Here’s how a living wall installation can transform your retail space.

A living wall installation can create an immersive brand experience.

Adding a living wall installation to your retail space can set the tone for a unique shopping experience. Whether you opt to install a living wall on your store’s facade or bring a vertical garden indoors, these works of art can be personalized to reflect your brand identity. Some shops and businesses even opt to create living logos, which can truly help bring your brand to life. Learn more about green logos here.

Convey your eco-conscious brand values with living walls.

If your brand strives to conduct business in a sustainable way, a living wall installation is a great way to convey that core value to your customers. Living walls are green, eco-friendly and generally good for the environment. They help remove VOCs and carbon dioxide from the air while also saving money on energy costs. By having one in or around your store, you’re essentially telling customers that your business is conscious of and cares about all of those things.

Everyone loves a good photo op, and living walls are picture-perfect.

In the age of social media, customers are all about capturing the perfect photo to share with their followers. Having a living wall installation can help draw more foot traffic into your store and encourage word-of-mouth marketing as people tag and share the location. More people in the store means more opportunities to convert them to customers. An uptick in sales plus free publicity equals a win-win for living walls!

Want to take your in-store experience to the next level? At TrueVert® Vertical Garden Solutions, we’ll walk you through every step of designing, implementing, and caring for a living wall installation in your retail space. Contact us today to get started.


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