Leasing a Living Wall? Why not.

If you’re interested in adding a Living Wall to your next project, you’re making a great choice — Living Walls have many health benefits and are an excellent way to make your environment more visually appealing. However, estimating Living Wall costs, can be a daunting task and weather you should lease or buy, is an important question that should be taken into consideration from the get go.

Living Wall Leasing

Many people aren’t aware that Living Wall leasing is an option; it’s a great fit for many businesses depending on the scope of their project.  A living wall can be a fairly large capital expenditure that takes layers of approvals and lots of red tape. Placing the wall into the operating budget with a lease can avoid the big payout check and the business can still receive all of the wonderful benefits these pieces of Living Art have to offer.

You also might want to consider leasing a Living Wall for other reasons. One big advantage to leasing is that it’s easier to change your interior design. Leasing a Living Wall, may also allow you to have plant options for seasonal arrangements and can be the perfect solution for any venues and exhibitions that are in need of a temporary display backdrop with no long-term commitments.

Lastly, when the lease is up, you have the option of returning the Living Wall System, or buying it outright.

Purchasing a Living Wall

Purchasing a Living Wall is a more traditional option, and it’s usually the better choice if you have the capital to spend up front. Monthly fees to maintain purchased Living Walls are affordable, and will save your business money over time.

No matter if you choose to lease your Living Wall or purchase it, there is no right or wrong choice or strategy that proves successful. One company may not yield the same results as another. Adding a Living Wall to your office, Hotel, Lobby or Restaurant is one of the best ways to create a healthier, more appealing environment no matter what.

Our team at TrueVert can help you out with either option—including long-term maintenance plans.

For more information and how to plan for a Living Wall please contact us today.

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