Living Wall Logos: Memorable Brand Leaves a Lasting Impression

Imagine a logo prominently set against a sea of green, embedded yet raised, to give that textured 3-dimensional look and feel but made of real living plants…

Steamy Piggy Chinese Restaurant located in the heart of Convoy Street, “unofficially named the Asian Restaurant Row of San Diego” understood that a restaurant environment and its hospitality is equally important as its delicious food.

Steamy Piggy owner, wanted to incorporate an eye-catching logo to feature their unique restaurant’s name to complement their carefully designed modern-rustic restaurant interior.

For the design of Steamy Piggy Green Logo, we use different color moss, and sculpted it into an exact shape form. From vibrant neon to realistic deep greens, this moss Logo art is sure to make an impact.

Additionality, we put in passion fruit vines for a trellis wall look, various planters and turned a structural component into a planting trough as well.

Green Walls are at the cutting edge of design and are safe to install on almost any structure, indoors and outdoors, and there is no better way to brand a company logo than with a beautiful Living Green Wall. 

If you are looking for a bold, unique, fun statement, for your next interior design project, Living Wall Logo design Art may just be what you are looking for. Contact Us Today for a consultation.

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