Living Wall Rental

Are you planning to throw the bash of the century? Then you’re going to need to do something beautiful, unique, and classy that will impress your guests and give them instant selfie fodder. Here’s an idea, how about renting a living wall and placing it prominently in your outdoor space or right in the main event room where all the action will take place?

A living wall is a wall that incorporates real, living plants into its design. These walls are stunning to behold and add a touch of nature to any surrounding. (Check out our living wall gallery to see all the different forms these green walls can take.) A living wall rental will really make your event extra special.

By renting a living wall, you can enjoy its beauty for the duration of your event and only pay for that time, and when your event is over, we can pick it up.

Our service area primarily covers Southern California with additional service areas in Central / Northern California, Las Vegas, NV, and Phoenix, AZ. These areas do incur additional delivery fees. If you are hosting an event in any of the area above and are interested in learning more about a living wall rental, please give us a call.

We’d love to hear about your event and your ideas. Contact us today!

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