Luxury Home Interior Design: Here Are Five Reasons Interior Designers Should Learn About Living Walls

Interior designers, your clients depend on you to transform their house into a home. You must find a way to express the personality of your clients as well as their artistic preferences, while also ensuring that your design supports comfort and livability. Finally, you want your designs to stand out so that your clients are proud to show off their newly designed home to their friends (who could be your next customers)! If you’ve never considered incorporating a living wall into a luxury home interior design plan, now is the time to add this great artistic option to your tool belt.

What Is a Living Wall?

You’ve probably already seen living walls at high-end restaurants or even interior design tradeshows. A living wall is a structure that incorporates real, living plants. They can be installed art installations or free-standing walls that go inside or outside of a home. The beauty of a living wall is that it is incredibly versatile. You and your clients can choose the plants you’d like to showcase and design an installation customized to a specific location within your client’s home or on your client’s property.

Here are five reason why a living wall can be the perfect option for your next luxury home interior design:

1.   Living Walls Are Beautiful

Let’s start with the most obvious and powerful reason to add a living wall to your client’s home – they are stunning! A well-designed and cared-for living wall is absolutely breathtaking. It can beat out almost any other type of artwork in regards to attracting attention and admiration. It also lends an air of both sophistication and natural wonder into your client’s home environment and the home’s overall design scheme.

2.   Living Walls Can Promote Relaxation and Combat Stress

Many of your high-end clients have stressful and time-consuming careers. They expect their home to be a comforting refuge where they can relax and de-stress. A living wall is the perfect artwork to help promote a relaxing environment. Researchsuggests that simply viewing scenes of nature can help reduce negative emotions, such as anger, fear, and stress; as well as improve overall wellbeing. Imagine how much better your clients will feel each day when they have an entire art installation or living wall to view.

3.   Living Walls Improve Air Quality

We all learned in science class that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen into the environment. Researchhas also found that plants can absorb a wide range of other pollutants, known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), helping to cleanse the air. A living wall introduces a high volume of plants into your client’s home without taking up any additional space. These plants can help filter the air, promoting cleaner air and a healthier home environment.

4.   Living Walls Mute Noise

One spouse just wants to relax and read a book, but the other spouse is watching television in the next room while the kids laugh and play upstairs. Noise is a fact of life, but it can add stress to everyday living. One extra benefit of a living wall is its ability to dampen high frequency sounds. This doesn’t mean a living wall  can completely cancel out all the normal sounds of a busy household, but it can make the home just a little quieter and more relaxing.

5.   Living Walls Might Lower Energy Bills

Here’s one last useful fact about plants – they have the ability to help keep homes cool by evaporating water through their leaves. This is one of the reasons that urban landscapinghas been so beneficial to cities and why many offices are experimenting with green roofs. A living wall within a home can help moderate the temperature, making the home more comfortable and potentially forestalling the need for extra air conditioning. This could help a home lower its overall carbon footprint. Environmentally aware clients will appreciate this extra perk.

Interested in partnering with a reliable, experienced, and highly esteemed living wall company in San Diego, Orange County, or Los Angeles? TrueVert Vertical Garden Solutionswould love to help you wow your clients with a living wall on your next luxury home interior design project.

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