& Other Stories Store – Glendale, California

This majestic succulent living wall, is located in Los Angeles California, and commissioned was by the international fashion retail store & Other Stories, it’s sure making an impact.

TrueVert® proudly serves clients in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles, California offering interior and exterior Living Walls design and installation.

Our team has built a reputation for designing green living walls, having industry-best technical expertise based on many years of experience. Our Living Wall Design-Build-Install Process will provide a blueprint unique and specific to your green wall design project.

Let's talk about your vision

Plant on big white base – Exterior Services in Carlsbad, CA

Herb Vertical Garden – WallsSpoon Side View

Vertical Garden Wall Design – Soda Swine

Large Vertical Living Wall

Drought Resistant Landscaping

Fern Vertical Living Wall

Moss Frame Triptych

Vertical Living Wall

Moss Art for a Modern Look

Moss Art – Gloss Salon

Moss Wall for positive energy

Partition Green Walls

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