Preserved Moss Walls

A preserved moss wall is a type of wall decoration that uses preserved moss to create a natural, green accent in a space. Preserved moss is real moss that has been specially treated to retain its color and texture, while eliminating the need for watering or sunlight. This makes it a low-maintenance and long-lasting option for adding a touch of nature to a space.

Preserved moss walls can be used in a variety of settings, such as offices, homes, and public spaces. They can be hung on a wall like a painting, or used to create a living wall by attaching the moss to a frame or mesh backing. The moss can also be shaped and arranged in a variety of patterns and designs, making it a versatile and customizable option for home decor.

In addition to its visual appeal, preserved moss also has a number of benefits. It can help improve indoor air quality by absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen, and it can also help reduce noise levels and create a more peaceful atmosphere.

Overall, a preserved moss wall is a unique and beautiful way to bring a touch of nature into any space. It requires little maintenance and offers a range of benefits, making it a popular choice for those looking to add a natural element to their home or office.

Preserved moss is moss that has been chemically preserved to retain it’s both its color and texture. Our preserved Moss has been grown, harvested, and preserved using a 100% plant-based, biodegradable preservation formula that results in a soft, realistic feel.

In addition, the great thing about preserved moss is that, since it’s no longer alive, it requires virtually no maintenance and will retain its beauty and vibrancy for years to come.

It’s these qualities that make preserved moss an ideal medium for green walls — and for creating stunning works of art. The different colors and textures allow us to create striking, multi-dimensional pieces that practical pop off the wall, transforming the space with natural beauty.

Vertical Garden Solutions provides moss walls and moss wall art to all of their clients!