Various green tones of preserved moss art composed in natural composition 

Dimensions: 18″ W x 16″ H x 1″ D (in wooden frame, available in various natural tones).

Custom made to order. Ready to hang.

Our one of a kind custom preserved moss art with assorted textures of organic, preserved natural moss art with assorted textures of organic, preserved foliage and natural elements. Our moss art pieces are handcrafted and custom made to order. Moss provides a sense of tranquility and elements of nature that provide a soothing atmosphere. 


Preserved moss is low maintenance, requires no watering or sunlight. To keep your moss art wall looking fresh, avoid direct sunlight and spray with water or lightly pat with a damp cloth to refresh. Moss provides a sense of calmness and lush nature to any environment by adding nature and greenery to any atmosphere. Preserved moss art can be used to enhance any commercial or residential space and can be used to create endless possibilities of designs from commercial logos, event backdrops or to just add some natural greenery to your space.