Need Residential Living Walls

Our lush tropical walls are perfect for any indoor, shaded-partially shaded/outdoor space. We use a variety of low-light tropical plants that are great for air quality and are low maintenance. Our tropical living walls are the perfect addition to any indoor living space or shaded, backyard, patio or balcony. 

We create a variety of vertical gardens with tropical plants in various designs and styles depending on the needs of our clients. Our tropical living walls typically utilize the Cortica Garden C32 sustainable living wall system made of modular panels created with natural cork which provides benefits like absorbing CO2’s, as well as sound & temperature insulation .  

Our tropical living walls with the Cortica Garden’s cork living wall system provides maximum plant benefits, purifying air making it great for work or commercial spaces as well. Having plants in a work space has been shown to increase productivity for employees & helps with stress response. Many corporate companies and businesses have implemented indoor living walls into their offices or retail spaces for this purpose.

Living Wall Types:

Tropical Walls
Succulent Walls
Moss Walls