Need a Succulent Living Wall?

Perfect for sunny outdoor spaces, our vibrant & colorful succulent living walls are the perfect vertical garden solution for a front or backyard exposed to medium to full sun. Made with our own in house fabricated, customizable VGS Living Wall System so the succulents are firmly rooted into our nutrient-rich, organic planting medium. 

Our succulent walls can enhance any backyard, patio, frontyard, entryway, or to cover up a plain fence line or wall. They can enhance any outdoor living space and can be customizable to any shape & size. We offer enclosed irrigation system options for both manual and automatic irrigation system applications. 

Succulent walls make a great addition to signage or a backdrop to commercial spaces as well. Our VGS Living Wall System can have additional signage attached to the front with company logos, signs or any type of graphic or text. Succulent living walls for commercial spaces create a lush, welcoming atmosphere to a business as well as attract people to take pictures in front of a business to help with marketing & brand awareness.