How Our Succulent Walls Transformed this Del Mar Backyard

Succulent walls are a popular choice for many of our clients, and it’s no surprise why. These living wall designs are comprised of hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of succulents, a type of plant known for its ability to store water in their thick leaves and stems. In fact, the word “succulent” comes from the Latin word “succus,” which means juice or sap. They are well-adapted to harsh, dry climates, making them a low-maintenance choice for living wall designs throughout Southern California. There are over 60 different plant families that contain succulents of all colors, making them as beautiful as they are easy to care for. 

Those reasons are exactly why one of our recent residential clients opted to transform their outdoor living space with three statement-making succulent walls. Located in Del Mar near the beach, the client needed a living wall design that would not only provide some backyard privacy but could stand up to the salty air and weather conditions that come with a coastal locale.  

Our team at True Vert® collaborated with the client to create a custom, one-of-a-kind design that would encompass the colors, plant species, and aesthetic they were looking for. Once we got the design down, True Vert® began construction using a proprietary mineral sponge product designed to be low maintenance. This product doesn’t contain soil, but rather a sponge-like material that allows the plants to truly thrive.  

Next, the design was sketched out in chalk over a textile overlay so our team could create the pattern and color combos for the succulent wall. For this particular project, we used an embedded irrigation system that was specific to the size and plant type of each wall. As with every project, we consider the unique needs of the client, the environment/climate, and the types of plants used when building the structure and choosing an irrigation system.  

Altogether, we used approximately 3,000 succulents in the design of these three succulent walls. We also set the client up with a full-service maintenance plan to keep the walls looking lush and lively for years to come.  

If you’re interested in constructing a succulent wall on your residential property, look no further than True Vert® for the best quality and service in the Southern California area. Our trustworthy installers have the experience needed to ensure the job gets done right, every time. In fact, this particular project was completed while the client was out of town—True Vert® handled everything with ease and professionalism for an end result that was nothing short of spectacular.  

Ready to get started on your own design? Contact True Vert® today to find out how we can bring your dreams of a beautiful succulent wall to life. 



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