Trade Show Ideas: How a Living Wall Rental Can Set Your Booth Apart from the Rest

Your biggest Trade Show of the year is six months away, which means you need to start planning your booth design right about now. This big show will be your chance to highlight your newest projects, start the buzz on your current product line, and rack up sales. There’s only one problem – all your competitors want to do the same thing! So, how can you attract attention and sales to your booth? Handing out pens and mugs was old news a decade ago. These days, you need to go big with unique and eye-catching Trade Show Ideas. How about a living wall rental?

Capturing Attention Is the Most Important Job of Your Trade Show Booth

At big trade shows, conferences, and expos, the showroom is often chaotic. Attendees face rows and rows of booths, each one trying to out-compete the others for attention. An attendee only has so much time and energy to peruse, which means it is imperative that you grab their attention quickly with new great trade show ideas. If an attendee is intrigued by your booth design, they are much more likely to stop and talk to your sales representatives. This could lead to an excellent connection and even a sale. Add all of that up, and a good booth design can easily make the difference between fulfilling your tradeshow goals or going home disappointed.

A big part of your booth design will center on an eye-catching focal point. This focal point should immediately capture the attention of attendees and help you express your company’s brand and mission. Living wall rental is an excellent trade show idea can help you do that.

What Is a Living Wall?

A living wall is a structure designed with real, living plants. They are beautiful to behold and often spark wonder and even joy. Living walls can be just about any shape and size and can incorporate a wide variety of different plants (including preserved moss). This can result in an almost unlimited amount of potential designs.

Best of all, an experienced living wall company can craft a completely customized living wall specifically for your tradeshow booth. For example, you can commission a green logo or a wall with designs or words specific to your latest product launch.

Yes, You Can Rent a Living Wall

Many businesses prefer to rent a living wall for their tradeshow. The beauty of a living wall rental is that it can be designed on a portable base. If you choose to rent a living wall from TrueVert, we can deliver your living wall to your booth on the show floor. By renting the living wall, you don’t have to worry about the long-term care and upkeep of the wall. As soon as your tradeshow is over, we can pack it up and take it back to our facility.

Choose a Living Wall Rental to Enhance Your Company Brand

Do you want to show your customers that your company is focused on natural products, that you care about the environment, or that you celebrate the outdoors? A living wall can be more than just a beautiful focal point for your booth. It can also express the characteristics of your company and help support the overall messaging of your booth. If you want to promote any type of natural or environmental message, a living wall will help enhance that message in a vibrant and dynamic way.

Ready to learn more about how a living wall rental can be your best trade show idea ever? Then contact TrueVert Vertical Garden Solutions. We can’t wait to help!

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