Got an Ugly Fence? Hide It with a Beautiful Exterior Living Wall System

You’ve spent countless hours turning your back yard into a gorgeous and verdant oasis. There’s just one problem. Your yard is surrounded by an old, ugly fence or wall! Sure, you could spend tons of money replacing the fence, or you can turn that eyesore into a masterpiece by covering your ugly fence with an exterior living wall system.

What Is an Exterior Living Wall System?

A living wall is a specially designed structure that incorporates plants and flowers, which grow vertically. Every exterior living wall system is different, but most are made by incorporating pots or capsules, along with a built-in irrigation system. There are many different potential irrigation methods to ensure the plants receive enough moisture.

The beauty of investing in an exterior living wall for your fence is that you can work with your chosen vendor to create an entirely personalized visual. For example, you and your vendor can choose appropriate plants that will thrive in the outdoor environment of your home and play with color schemes, patterns, and designs. The result will be a beautiful and utterly unique living wall system that will forever hide your ugly fence.

Why Invest in an Exterior Living Wall

If your fence is truly ugly, you may think the easiest solution is to tear it down. However, if you appreciate the privacy and seclusion your fence offers, you’ll just need to put in another one. This is not something most people can do on their own. That means, you’ll have to hire a fencing contractor, purchase materials, and pay for the labor of assembling and installing a new fence. This project will probably be more expensive than it seems, since your contractor may have to dig in your yard to firmly plant the fence posts.

Additionally, even if you install a new fence, it won’t look nearly as beautiful as an exterior living wall system.

Other Benefits of an Exterior Living Wall System

Besides just turning your outdoor space into a lovely and relaxing retreat, a living wall around your fence can offer you even more benefits. For one thing, it may assist in blocking outdoor noise. Vegetation is known to block high frequency sounds, which can help mute the noise from your neighbors, the street outside your home, or nearby noise creators, like a train, airport, or school.

On top of that, more plants mean better air quality around your home. A living wall fence adds more greenery and life to your yard while removing carbon dioxide from the air.

Finally, living walls make your back yard more visually pleasing, which can increase the curb appeal and value of your home. In this way, you may earn back some of the cost of the living wall in added equity in your property. Everyone wants to eventually sell their home for more than the purchase price. An exterior living wall can make that happen.

Interested in turning your ugly fence into a gorgeous, plant-covered masterpiece?

If you live in San Diego, Orange County, or Los Angeles, contact us today. We are ready to create your completely personalized exterior living wall system.

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