Vertical Wall Garden

As the concept of having a Vertical Wall Garden is a trend now, so one must try converting a dreary place into the alluring environment with help of flowers, plants and herbs.

Audrey Hepburn defines a beautiful belief that to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

A vertical wall garden is system that let you place the plants vertically and it is as easy to maintain as a regular garden. Living Walls, have no limits when it comes about the selection of plants and herbs, anything and everything can be utilized in the Vertical Wall Gardens. View our gallery

Vertical Wall Garden, most often are attached to the wall or lean against it and creating a vertical garden means making an attractive display that will bring life and light in a dull or boring place bringing peace, freshness and a wow factor to your humble abode.

A perfect choice for an outdoor Vertical Wall Garden can be Succulents as they are slowly grown plants come in a range of colors, sizes and textures.

Another option for a beneficial Vertical Wall Garden is to have herbs of your choice in it. It will add a mesmerizing effect in your living area or kitchen and will provide you health and taste altogether. It does not just improve the air quality but also reduces the noise pollution that is the most surprising feature of vertical garden.

For more information about Vertical Wall Garden our enthusiastic team of professionals at True Vert is always here to help.

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