We Sell Happy!

We don’t just sell sandwiches. WE SELL HAPPY! — the motto of the Mendocino Farms is loud and clear and so is the vision for this project.

Happy is one word that most often describes the reaction to a Living Wall because having a close connection to nature while indoor can make a difference to your mood and even appetite!

This striking Living Wall, by TrueVert, Vertical Garden Solutions, is designed to create a green canvas backdrop to an otherwise bland ordinary wall, conveying the happiness of nature, healthy living and fresh farmed food-to-table experience to its customers. The Living Wall also give the eating area a unique atmosphere while acting as a sound filter to the harsher sounds often found in restaurants.

Mendocino Farms started as—and still is—a family business. With their vision of an elevated dining experience offering much more than just good food, Mendocino Farms restaurants have opened in neighborhoods across Southern California, taking their places as some of the best loved eateries in the communities they serve.

We truly enjoyed the creative result of this project. From the main living wall to the unique and stunning Succulent Living Wall located by the entrance of the restaurant, Mendocino Farms has been a wonderful source of inspiration.

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