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Mobilane and Vertical Garden Solutions

Experience the best of green innovation with Mobilane's products at Vertical Garden Solutions, proudly serving San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

A Partnership for Green Excellence

Founded in 2000 in The Netherlands, Mobilane is a trailblazer in the green industry. Known for its indoor and outdoor landscaping solutions, Mobilane’s global footprint extends through partnerships in over 35 countries, driven by a legacy of quality, innovation, and passion.

At Vertical Garden Solutions, we take pride in our partnership with Mobilane, the forefront provider of living plant wall systems. Together, we bring top-tier green technology to our clientele, offering sustainable outdoor living plant wall systems that revolutionize urban landscapes.

Advantages of Mobilane’s Green Solutions


Space Efficiency

Ideal for adding vertical greenery without consuming valuable space.

Improved Air Quality

Enhances indoor climates by purifying air and generating oxygen.

Health and Well-being

Boosts concentration and productivity while reducing stress.

Acoustic Benefits

Improves room acoustics and provides sound-dampening effects.

Products We Offer

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Explore how Mobilane’s solutions can redefine your space and contribute to a greener future.