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The Process

01. Plan

We prioritize both functionality and aesthetics while we plan your living wall. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your living wall is carefully considered and optimized for success. We focus on the following elements when making decisions:

  • Determine the purpose and location: Decide why you want a living wall and select an appropriate location based on factors like sunlight, wind exposure, and available space.
  • Structural considerations: Assess the structural capacity of the wall to support the weight of the system, soil, plants, and irrigation.
  • Plant selection: We select suitable plants that can thrive in the given conditions and meet your aesthetic preferences.
  • Irrigation system: We determine the type of irrigation system, such as drip irrigation or a recirculating system, based on water availability, plant water requirements, and maintenance considerations.
  • Support structure: Design the framework or support structure that will hold the plants and the growing medium in place.

02. Assemble

Our meticulous assembly process ensures a seamless and successful implementation of your vertical garden, resulting in a stunning and thriving green wall. The steps we take during this phase are:

  • Wall preparation: Prepare the surface by ensuring it is clean, stable, and waterproofed, if necessary.
  • Installation of support structure: Install the framework or support structure onto the wall, ensuring it is securely attached and can withstand the weight of the plants and growing medium.
  • Growing medium: Add a suitable growing medium that provides necessary nutrients, moisture retention, and drainage for plant roots.
  • Plant installation: Plant the selected vegetation into the designated areas within the living wall system.
  • Irrigation setup: Install the irrigation system, including pipes, valves, and timers, to provide water and nutrients to the plants.

03. Maintain

Our comprehensive maintenance approach ensures that your living wall remains healthy, vibrant, and visually stunning throughout its lifespan. To maintain your living wall, we implement the following protocols:

  • Watering: Regularly water the living wall to ensure the plants receive adequate moisture. The frequency and amount of water required will depend on plant species, environmental conditions, and the irrigation system used.
  • Pruning and trimming: Maintain the plants by pruning or trimming any overgrown or dead foliage to promote healthy growth and maintain the desired aesthetic appearance.
  • Fertilization: Provide appropriate fertilizers or nutrients to the plants to support their growth and vitality.
  • Pest and disease control: Monitor the living wall for pests and diseases, and take necessary measures such as using organic pest control methods or seeking professional help if needed.
  • System maintenance: Periodically inspect and maintain the irrigation system, ensuring proper functioning of valves, timers, and water distribution.
  • Regular monitoring: Keep an eye on the health and growth of the plants, making adjustments as necessary to optimize their well-being.

Remember, specific techniques and requirements may vary depending on the type of living wall system (modular, tray-based, hydroponic, etc.) and the environmental conditions of the location. Consulting with professionals or experts in the field can provide valuable guidance for a successful living wall project.

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