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Moss Walls in San Diego, CA

Preserved Moss Walls For Any Environment

Moss walls are a type of vertical garden that is low upkeep and highly customizable, giving designers the ability to add artistic shapes and details. These walls are composed of a variety of preserved mosses that are artistically arranged and require little to no maintenance.

Moss walls can also help to reduce the urban heat island effect. In cities, the built environment and pavement can absorb and retain heat, leading to higher temperatures and increased energy use for cooling. Moss walls and living walls, on the other hand, can provide shading and insulation, helping to keep buildings and outdoor spaces cooler.

In addition to their environmental benefits, moss wall art can also provide aesthetic value to urban spaces. They can add color, texture, and interest to otherwise dull or barren walls, creating a more pleasant and inviting environment.

What’s Preserved Moss?

Preserved moss is a moss that has been preserved with glycerin to retain it’s both its color and texture. Our preserved moss has been grown, harvested, and preserved using a 100% plant-based, biodegradable preservation formula that results in a soft, realistic feel.

In addition, the great thing about preserved moss is that, since it’s no longer alive, it requires virtually no maintenance and will retain its beauty and vibrancy for years to come.

Moss walls in San Diego, CA

The Benefits of Moss Walls

Purchasing a moss wall has several benefits, from low upkeep to sound absorption, in addition to bringing the tranquility of nature within. A moss wall is a fashionable, eco-friendly, and practical option for any kind of area, be it commercial, residential, or office.

Unlike traditional gardens, which require frequent watering and pruning, moss wall art is relatively self-sustaining. They can retain moisture and nutrients, allowing them to thrive with minimal intervention.

Overall, this type of vertical garden is an innovative and sustainable solution for improving the urban environment.


Moss walls can last for many years if given the right setting and maintenance.

Low Maintenance

Moss walls don't require soil, sunlight, or watering like conventional living walls do.

Acoustic Benefits


An environment can be made quieter by using moss walls to absorb sound and lower noise levels.

No Pests or Allergens

A clean and healthy atmosphere is ensured by moss walls because they don't induce allergies or draw pests.

Moss Wall Designs

Preserved moss can be shaped and arranged in a variety of patterns and designs, making it a versatile and customizable option for home and office decor. The different colors and textures allow us to create striking, multi-dimensional pieces, transforming the space with natural beauty.

Moss Wall Types

Natural Moss Walls

Simple, serene, and green. We use a variety of preserved moss textures and various green earth tones to create a lush, organic atmosphere that’s customizable to your environment.

Moss Wall Types

Tropical Plant Living Wall With Moss

These vertical gardens are made with different varieties of living tropical plants and preserved moss. Tropical plant living walls with moss combine both of our green wall offerings to make a stunning wall that has the best of both worlds.

Moss Wall Types

Moss Wall Art With Foliage and Wood Elements

Our moss wall art with foliage and wood elements consists of a variety of naturally preserved moss and foliage including ferns, assorted leaves, flowers, driftwood, manzanita branches, and bark to create a more dynamic presentation.

Moss Wall Types

Custom Fine Art Moss Walls

Our custom fine art moss walls are a detailed application of preserved moss colors and textures to design specific design shapes, patterns, motifs, or company logos. A combination of styles can be incorporated and executed within the design customization.

Moss Wall Types

Abstract Modern Moss Art Walls

A combination of preserved moss textures and tones is applied in a contemporary stylized composition for a modern style yet natural feel.

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