Moss Walls

Sculpted by nature and arranged by artisans, Moss Walls are taking the interior designing to another level. Preserved Moss is one of the major cutting-edge resource that is being offered to beautify the indoor spaces in today’s Living Wall Solutions.

Moss Walls require little care as compared to fresh plants, generally used in Living Walls. For those who want to have a Living Wall without maintenance or water usage at all, preserved moss is the answer.

Real moss and ferns, sustainably harvested from farms, are preserved using non-toxic ingredients, and arranged onto frames made out of reclaimed hardwoods. Since they are preserved, the plants do not wilt, do not require water, light nor do they put out pollen or spores. The result is an ever-green artwork that looks stunning and requires no maintenance whatsoever.

Due to its composition, Moss Walls design are versatile and extremely flexible to be manipulated. The Preserved Moss can be easily applied into shapes, patterns, waves or pretty much any arrangement the wall design may require. A few common types of moss include mood moss, reindeer moss and sheet moss, all three of which are uniquely soft and velvety in texture.

An additional unique feature to Preserve Moss, is colors.  Not limited to shade of greens, Preserve Moss colors can expand to various hues of red, yellow, gray, pink and blue. Using colored Preserved Moss when creating vertical green walls, will give a striking effect, impressive measure, and draw in attention visually.

But no matter what the final Vertical Wall design is, the truth is, green wall of moss impress with fascinating real appeal. Like thousand years ago, the Zen Buddhist monks of Japan delighted in the cool tranquility of the moss that grew in their temple gardens on stones and walls creating the freedom from clutter and distraction, Moss Walls can be your very own shrine with the ultimate peace and calamity where you can enjoy in cool tranquility and harmony the best of life.

At TrueVert, Vertical Garden Solutions we have team of professionals to advise, assist and guide you in your upcoming Moss Wall projects.

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