Beverly Hills Living Wall with Moss Finishes

Los Angeles, CA

In the bustling urban landscape of Los Angeles, Vertical Garden Solutions recently undertook a transformative project, turning a mundane cement wall into a living work of art. This project was part of a home remodel by a client who specializes in buying, remodeling, and flipping homes throughout Los Angeles. Our challenge was to beautify a large, blank cement wall, creating an elegant and nature-infused space that would appeal to discerning homebuyers.

The client was faced with a stark and uninviting cement wall on the back patio of a newly remodeled home. This wall, which concealed house electric wiring and other conduits, was central to the transition space from indoors to outdoors. The challenge was to transform this blank canvas into a feature that would add beauty and elegance, aligning with the expectations of high-profile homebuyers in Los Angeles.

To occupy this space, we installed an 8’ W x 10’ H living wall. The plant palette was chosen with the wall’s exposure to dappled evening sun in mind, selecting shade-loving plants that thrive in such conditions. Our selection included Croton, Peperomia, Cyanotis Somaliensis, and Begonia Rex. Furthermore, to enhance the natural ambiance, we incorporated preserved moss into spaces around the living wall, creating a more immersive and nature-focused feel.

An interesting aspect of this project was addressing the increased ambient heat caused by the artificial turf installed in the backyard. In urban settings, surfaces like artificial turf can significantly elevate temperatures, creating uncomfortable 'heat islands'. Recognizing this issue, our living wall not only served as a visual masterpiece but also played a crucial role in moderating the microclimate of the space.

The lush greenery of the living wall contributes to cooling the air. Plants naturally engage in a process called transpiration, where they release moisture into the air. This process has a cooling effect, similar to the way perspiration helps cool our bodies. As a result, the living wall acts as a natural air conditioner, reducing the heat generated by the artificial turf and creating a more pleasant and comfortable outdoor environment.

This additional benefit of temperature regulation is a testament to our holistic approach at Vertical Garden Solutions. We don’t just create aesthetically pleasing spaces; we engineer environments that improve the overall quality of life, making them healthier and more enjoyable. In this project, the living wall not only enhanced the property’s visual appeal but also contributed to a more sustainable and livable outdoor area, aligning perfectly with our commitment to eco-friendly design solutions.

Living Wall Design with Moss finishes for client in Beverly Hills, with colorful plants and moss. Vertical Garden Solutions provides Residential Living Moss Walls

In collaboration with Jana Garden Designs

The Outcome

The transformation was nothing short of dramatic. The once bland cement wall became a captivating living tapestry, drawing the eye and inviting interaction. The variety of plants, with their diverse textures and colors, brought a sense of tranquility and natural beauty to the space. This living wall not only added aesthetic value to the property but also created a unique selling point for potential buyers who value the benefits of nature-infused design. The preserved moss additions further enhanced the serene environment, making the patio an oasis of calm in the heart of the city.

At Vertical Garden Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform urban spaces into green sanctuaries. This project in Los Angeles stands as a testament to our commitment to enhancing the built environment by harmoniously blending nature's biodiversity with urban architecture, catering to the sophisticated tastes and sustainable values of our clientele.