Dana Point Living Wall

At Vertical Garden Solutions, we thrive on transforming spaces into vibrant, living art. Our recent plant wall project in a Dana Point, Southern California residence exemplifies this ethos perfectly.

Tasked with creating a living wall in the front entryway of a remodeled home, we were excited to bring our client's vision of color and vibrance to life, especially their fondness for warmer tones such as pink and red.

The client, post-renovation, felt their entryway lacked the life and color they desired. The area, bathed in natural light from two skylights, was primed for something spectacular but was instead bland and uninspiring.

Embracing our core values of versatility, adaptability, and expertise in plant and environmental science, we designed a 15’ W x 8’ H living wall that not only complements the architecture but becomes a focal point of the home. Our selection of plants, including Staghorn ferns, begonia rex, birds nest leslie fern, rattlesnake plant, rabbit tracks calathea, and the striking red medusa bromeliad, was meticulously curated to thrive in the available light and to inject a vivid palette of colors into the space.

Tropical Living Wall Design. Vertical Garden Solutions provides its clients with Tropical Living Walls

In collaboration with Jana Garden Designs

The Outcome

The transformation was nothing short of breathtaking. The once lackluster entryway now bursts with life, color, and texture. The red medusa bromeliad, in particular, provides a stunning visual anchor, echoing the client's love for vibrant hues. This living wall not only serves as a stunning statement piece but also aligns with our mission to blend nature's beauty and positive byproducts with urban environments. The project, a testament to our commitment to creating thriving and aesthetically inspiring spaces, has not only enhanced the client's home but has also become a conversation starter, embodying the abundance and flourishing life they sought.

In line with our vision, this project is another step towards transforming Southern California's landscapes into eco-friendly sanctuaries. At Vertical Garden Solutions, we continue to push the boundaries of design and sustainability, proving that walls can be more than just structural elements – they can be canvases for nature's beauty.