Draft Republic

Vertical Garden Solutions recently redefined the ambiance at Draft Republic in San Marcos, situated near California State University, with a dynamic and eco-friendly design element – a transplant of a previously installed living wall from their La Jolla location.

This project is a stellar example of our commitment to sustainability, adaptability, and innovation in urban greening. With restaurants and franchises frequently relocating and opening new venues, there is an increasing demand for flexible and portable design solutions. Draft Republic sought to preserve their investment in a living wall by relocating it to their new San Marcos location, demonstrating the versatility and longevity of our installations.

Leveraging the modular capacities of our living wall systems, we seamlessly transplanted an 8’ x 15’ living wall to the new location. This wall, now adorning the outdoor patio area, is bathed in bright, shaded light, perfect for the chosen plant palette. Our selection – an array of ferns, pothos, peperomia, and caladiums – was carefully chosen not just for their ability to adapt to the new environment but also to create a serene, forest-like feel in an urban setting.

The Outcome

The transplant has been a resounding success. The living wall has acclimated beautifully to its new surroundings, continuing to thrive and grow. Patrons of Draft Republic can now enjoy a momentary escape into nature, surrounded by lush greenery that transports them to the natural habitats of these plants. This project not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the restaurant but also underscores our commitment to creating sustainable, movable, and impactful green spaces.

At Vertical Garden Solutions, we understand that the environments we create are not static; they evolve and move as our clients do. This project at Draft Republic serves as a testament to our innovative approach, ensuring our living walls remain a sustainable and adaptable choice for businesses, enhancing their spaces and experiences wherever they go.