Succulent Wall Exterior Panels

Del Mar, CA

Vertical Garden Solutions was tasked with a unique project in Del Mar: to transform the mundane view from a client's kitchen windows into a vibrant, living display. The objective was to replace the lifeless wall outside the kitchen with a visually stimulating and space efficient succulent garden.

The client, an avid cook, desired a natural backdrop that would complement the culinary activities within the kitchen. The aim was to create a view that not only enhanced the kitchen's aesthetics but also provided a connection to nature, thereby enriching the cooking experience.

We designed a series of succulent walls for our client, carefully positioned to maximize visibility from the kitchen. Our selection of succulents focused on species that could thrive in Del Mar's coastal climate while offering a diverse array of textures and colors. We ensured that each succulent variety chosen would contribute to the overall longevity of the wall, considering factors such as sunlight exposure and water requirements for each species.

The Outcome

The design of the succulent walls was meticulously planned to create a balance between aesthetic appeal and horticultural efficiency. The arrangement of the plants was calculated to present an evolving view throughout the seasons, with varying blooms and growth patterns presenting themselves through the seasons.

The completed succulent walls provide a dynamic and living view from the client's kitchen, transforming the cooking experience. The project successfully integrates technical horticultural practices with innovative design, resulting in a beneficial and beautiful green space. This installation not only beautifies the kitchen area but also demonstrates Vertical Garden Solutions' expertise in creating functional and nature forward living art.