Brentwood Living Wall

Brentwood, CA

Our client in Los Angeles was faced with the challenge of custom Corten steel living wall frames that had been installed by another provider. Unfortunately, the living walls within these frames did not survive, resulting in unsightly, rusted steel frameworks that stood empty and unutilized, detracting from the aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

Vertical Garden Solutions stepped in to breathe new life into the neglected space. Leveraging our proprietary VGS system, we devised a precise living wall solution tailored to fit the existing frames. The process involved removing the old steel mesh to make room for the installation of two new living wall units, each measuring 32 inches wide by 50 inches high. We meticulously selected a plant palette that would seamlessly blend with the client's existing landscape style, introducing a dynamic burst of the client's favorite colors. The chosen plants, including Heuchera 'Lime Marmalade', and Evergold Japanese Sedge, were specifically picked for their ability to adapt to the area's variable sunlight—enduring direct morning sun and thriving in the subsequent shade.

Before photo of Brentwood, CA residence space. Two empty and rusted steel walls. Vertical Garden Solutions living wall project for Brentwood, CA residence. Two outdoor living plant walls on both sides of a metal tree of life artwork.

The Outcome

The revitalized installations now boast a vibrant, texturally rich plant assortment that not only complements the surrounding landscape but also injects a personal touch with the client's preferred color scheme. This transformation has not only restored the beauty and functionality of the space but also demonstrated the resilience and adaptability of our living wall systems, providing a lasting, visually appealing solution that evolves throughout the year through variable lighting conditions.