Solana Beach Succulent Living Wall

Solana Beach, CA

Our client in Solana Beach, CA, was referred to us by her mother, a satisfied past client, to address a persistently bland wall on her back patio. Despite experimenting with several decorative approaches, the space remained starkly empty, leading the client to consider a living wall as a definitive solution. The challenge was to create a design that could withstand the area's prolonged direct sunlight while also fulfilling the client's desire for a unique living wall feature.

Vertical Garden Solutions embraced the opportunity to create a distinctive living wall that departed from the conventional full-coverage succulent wall. After thorough consultation with the client, we designed a 5-tiered trough system, offering a layered and dynamic alternative to the traditional flat canvas. This innovative structure allowed for the incorporation of various succulent species, each selected for its resilience to the intense sun exposure characteristic of the client's locale and its contribution to the overall aesthetic.

The Outcome

The finished project is a striking deviation from the norm in living wall design, showcasing the versatility and creative potential of our vertical garden solutions. The tiered trough setup not only covers the once barren wall with a lush tapestry of succulents but also serves as a testament to our ability to tailor unique and adaptive garden installations.