Free-Standing Succulent Living Wall

Los Angeles, CA

In a unique blend of privacy, passion, and plants, Vertical Garden Solutions crafted an exceptional free-standing succulent living wall for a client in Los Angeles. Faced with a sudden loss of privacy in her back patio area due to neighboring trees being trimmed, our client sought a creative and green solution. Our task was not only to restore her privacy but also to infuse the space with her love for music.

The client's primary concern was the loss of privacy on her back patio. The existing fence line was too weak to support a living wall extension, necessitating the creation of a robust, free-standing structure. Additionally, the client's passion for music was a key factor in the design, calling for a unique and personalized touch.

Addressing the structural challenges, we designed and built a sturdy 10' x 10' free-standing living wall structure with support beams cemented into the ground for stability. To cater to the client's musical interests, we incorporated a guitar shape into the design using succulents, creating a visually striking and personal element. The choice of succulents was also strategic, considering the all-day sun exposure of the area.

In collaboration with Jana Garden Designs

The Outcome

The fusion of succulents and elegant blue pine boards presented a challenge, particularly in achieving precision in the cuts. However, the final result was a testament to our expertise and attention to detail. The living wall not only provides the much-needed privacy but also stands as an artistic representation of the client's passion for music. The structure's balance and beauty enhance the patio's ambiance, turning it into a private oasis that reflects the client's personality and interests.

This project exemplifies Vertical Garden Solutions' commitment to innovative, personalized, and sustainable landscaping solutions. It showcases our ability to overcome structural challenges and integrate personal elements into our designs, resulting in a space that is not only functional but also deeply meaningful to our clients.