SOM Aesthetics

Encinitas, CA

In the heart of Encinitas, California, a coastal town known for its vibrant spirit and creative community, our latest project comes to life. At Som Aesthetics, a place where beauty and well-being converge, we've had the unique opportunity to add a touch of natural artistry to their new location. This isn't just any art piece; it's a moss wall that represents the pinnacle of where artistry meets scientific wonder.

Our vision for this Moss Wall was ambitious from the start. We aimed to encapsulate the fusion of beauty and scientific precision, drawing inspiration from the timeless principles of the Vitruvian Man. Much like Leonardo da Vinci's exploration of the divine or golden ratio, our design is an abstract representation of balance, proportion, and harmony found in nature. This project was more than creating a visual spectacle; it was about illustrating the symbiotic relationship between art and science.

Custom Moss Art Wall for SOM Aesthetics in Encinitas

In collaboration with Jana Garden Designs

The Outcome

Working with Cece Gehrig and the Som Aesthetics team in the picturesque downtown Encinitas has been an inspiring journey. Their dedication to creating a space that not only offers aesthetic beauty but also promotes well-being and harmony was a perfect match for our moss art installation. This collaboration has been a testament to the power of bringing together diverse perspectives to create something truly unique and impactful.

This Moss Wall installation at Som Aesthetics embodies the core of what we strive to achieve in our work. It's a vivid example of how we can use nature, art, and science to create spaces that inspire, heal, and connect. In Encinitas, a town that prides itself on its artistic and environmental consciousness, our moss art piece finds its perfect home, inviting viewers to reflect on the beauty of our natural world and the incredible possibilities that emerge when we approach it with creativity and care.