Oceanside Living Wall

Vertical Garden Solutions recently undertook a challenging yet rewarding project, reviving a failing living wall for a client in Oceanside, CA.

Our client's existing wall system, installed years ago by another provider, was plagued with issues, ranging from inadequate irrigation to poor design, leading to the decline of the plants. Recognizing the need for a more reliable and sustainable solution, we were approached to reimagine and rehabilitate this vital space.

The existing living wall had become a source of disappointment for our client. The primary issues included ineffective water distribution and a wall system that hindered plant growth. These flaws had resulted in a lackluster and unhealthy plant display, which was far from the vibrant living tapestry originally envisioned.

Our team conducted a thorough assessment to understand the root causes of the failure. We then selected and optimized a wall system specifically tailored to the space's constraints and the plants' needs. The key was to choose a system that allowed for modularity in the tight space, ensuring even water distribution and promoting robust plant growth.

Tropical Living Wall Design. Vertical Garden Solutions provides its clients with Tropical Living Walls

In collaboration with Jana Garden Designs

The Outcome

The transformation was a remarkable, beautifully textured, and colorful living canvas, incorporating 9 species of assorted ferns, calatheas, and bromeliads. These were carefully selected for their compatibility with the new system and the environmental conditions of the space. Our choice of a cork-based system, predominantly made from a renewable resource, provided an eco-friendly and efficient medium for plant growth. This system allowed the roots to spread unhindered, ensuring the health and vitality of the plants.

The final result is a testament to our commitment to sustainable design and innovation. The renewed living wall not only revitalizes the space with its lush and vibrant appearance but also stands as a symbol of resilience and adaptability in urban landscaping. Through this project, Vertical Garden Solutions demonstrated our ability to not only create stunning living walls but also to rescue and transform those that have failed, reaffirming our position as leaders in plant wall solutions.