We Are Vertical Gardeners based in Southern California, that Provides
Living Wall Residential Pieces, Succulent Walls, Commercial Office Logos, or just adding some natural lush greenery to your environment

We handle everything for you!
  • Living Wall Systems
  • Design and 3D Rendering
  • Plant & Wall Installation
  • Tropical Living Walls
  • Succulent Living Walls
  • Commercial Vertical Gardens
  • Natural Moss Walls
  • Natural Foliage & Wood
  • Abstract Moss Wall Art & Logos

Why choose us?

We are vertical gardeners who are passionate about sustainability, while creating beautiful and healthy environments in all types of space and living atmospheres. We want to fulfill your garden visions and can create living walls with a variety of plant based mediums while accommodating all different types of atmospheres from custom fine art residential pieces, to commercial office logos, or just adding some natural lush greenery to your environment

Creating a Greener World One Vertical Garden at a Time

Every garden we plant can make a difference. Numerous studies have shown that gardens can not only reduce anxiety, help with stress response, increase work productivity, and even reduce crime in public areas. Vertical gardens are a space efficient way to have plants that can improve health and healing along with purifying the air while providing beautiful, lush decor to your natural habitat.

20 Years of Experience

Vertical Gardens Solutions have always focused on one thing: customer satisfaction.

We deliver that satisfaction through our comprehensive range of expert living wall design consultation, vertical garden plant selection, and living wall services, including both residential and commercial vertical gardens.


Georges has developed a strong sensibility for creating atmospheres, while learning how plants can enhance a space or any living atmosphere, leading him to create living walls and starting Vertical Garden Solutions. Georges has established strong roots in having a good understanding of the living wall systems, applications, and plants that best work with each type of vertical garden environment.